Thanks for dropping by! I hope you like the posts here 🙂
You can contact me at alwaystravelicious at gmail dot com


11 Responses to Contact

  1. Joseph Michael says:

    Hi KJ! Thank you for following my blog! Your site looks wonderful. I’m already following it. – J.M.

  2. Joseph Michael says:

    Btw…love your profile picture…beautiful!

  3. b.yap says:

    Hi KJ! Wonder whether you’ve been to the Smokehouse in Frasers Hill. It’s a lovely place and I’m sure you’ll be able to post a wonderful story & beautiful pictures in your blog!

  4. oi leng says:

    can come visit on chinese new yaer 4-2-2014?

  5. chuahww says:

    Hi KJ, my name is Wei Wan, an ex-colleague of your introduced me your site and I just dropped by to say hi and you have a really awesome blog. 🙂 Following you from now onwards.

  6. pakde yoyok says:

    hello..can i get your bareroot kyoohou grapevines?

  7. Patricia Ong says:

    Hi. Wish to know the cab’s attractions around Kluang Luang cave in Hua Hin.

  8. CF says:

    Hi KJ, firstly thanks for the blog. Enjoy reading it and found it very useful. Do yoy mind to share with me the taxi contact as you get a good deal from airport to Hua Hin.

    Thanks a lot !

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