Food in China

Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant – traditional roast duck prepared delicately and you get to see the roasting process too.
Ghost Street – Find the best of Food in Ghost Street (Gui Jie).
Hou’s Wonton – has more than 100 years of history but I found their wontons so-so.
Hua’s Restaurant (Hua Jia Yi Yuan) – savor their signature “Master Eight” or “Baye” Roast Duck.
Luo Luo Hotpot – unique steamboat of the Miao Ethnicity from Guizhou with the most sour soup base ever.
Noodles in Suzhou Street @ Summer Palace
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant – The Best Duck in Beijing!
Wangfujing Snack Street – get the best of street food at Wangfujing Snack Street.
Yaoji Chaogan – Famous for their “fried liver” dish.
Zai Zai Crayfish on Ghost Street – try the signature dish of Ghost Street – “mala” (numbing & spicy) crayfish.

Hua Zhong Cheng Restaurant – convenient place to eat at the foot of Leifeng Pagoda.
Honeymoon Dessert – a dessert chain store originally from Hong Kong with choices that look so tempting.  
Huang Fan Er
– serving meals that are fit for a king, literally, as this is one of Emperor’s favorite dining place.
Kui Yuan Guan – Famous for their noodle delights.
Lu Family Restaurant – serves local cuisine at extremely affordable prices.
Wai Po Jia (Grandma’s Restaurant) – be prepared for the crazy queue!
Zhiweiguan – their signature braised pork assembled like a pyramid is a must.

Cafe Fuwa Pulu – Japanese-style cafe in Xintiandi, serving delicious cake and jelly duo.
Nanxiang Xiaolongbao – famous for the little buns, but I actually liked their soupy buns that is served with a straw to sip out the soup from the bun.
Old Movies Cafe


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