China Attractions / Itinerary

Beijing Itinerary – Best of Beijing

Forbidden City 101AntiquarianClocks & Watches Gallery, Jingshan Park
Great Wall of China @ Badaling
Llama Temple
Nanluoguxiang Hutong
Summer Palace 101Garden of Virtue & Harmony, Suzhou Street, Tower of Buddhist Incense.
Temple of Heaven 101

Hangzhou Itinerary – Best of Hangzhou
Hangzhou West Lake 101 – A Quick Guide to the Best of West Lake

Chenghuang (City God) Pavilion (城隍閣)
Fei Lai Feng Grottoes (飞来峰)
Fish Viewing at Flower Port @ West Lake (花港观鱼)
Heifeng Street (河坊街)
Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring) (虎跑泉)
Jingci Temple (静慈寺)
King Qian’s Memorial (錢王祠)
Lingyin Temple (靈隐寺)
Longjin Tea Village (龍井村)
Leifeng Pagoda (雷峰塔)
Lotus in the Breeze in Widing Courtyard @ West Lake (曲院荷凤)
Nine Creeks by Misty Tress (九溪烟树)
Southern Song Imperial Street  (南宋御街)
Yellow Dragon Cave (黄龍洞)
Yue Fei Temple (岳飛廟)

10 Places to Experience 10 Different Kinds of Shanghai

1933 Slaughter House
Duolun Cultural Street
Qibao Water Town (七宝镇)
Tianzifang (田子坊)
Yu Yuan Garden (豫园)


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