Fishermen’s Bastion @ Budapest Hungary

Fishermen's Bastion @ Hungary Budapest 4
Fishermen’s Bastion is a fairy-tale-like viewing platform on Castle Hill built in 1905. Named after a guild of fishermen that protected the city during medieval times, it has seven towers, representing the seven Magyar tribes that settled in Hungary in 9th century AD.    Continue reading

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Why Egypt Should Be on Your Bucket List

Egypt 2

It is hard to talk about going to Egypt without being completely overwhelmed by the thought of it.  Being one of the world’s oldest civilizations with 5000 years of documented civilization having taken place there, Egypt should be on everyone’s bucket list.  Talking about things to see and things to do could take up an entire book; here is a far smaller list of the major things to absolutely experience when  in Egypt.  With companies like First Choice flying to Egypt throughout the year, getting there shouldn’t be too hard!           Continue reading

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Basileuo Salad Cafe @ Ipoh (Greentown)

We had lunch at Basileuo Salad in Greentown the other day and the simplistic cafe in green oozes fresh energy with a focus on healthy food.  For starters, we had a flamboyant salad where we chose our very own 11 kinds of toppings including   Continue reading

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Chain Bridge @ Budapest, Hungary

Chain Bridge @ Budapest 1
The Szechenyi Chain Bridge spans across the Danube River, connecting Buda and Pest in Hungary.  The majestic bridge is a beautiful sight whether during the day or at night, seemingly guarded by two lion statues.    Continue reading

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Buda Castle @ Budapest Hungary

Buda Castle is located on Castle Hill with mesmerizing views of the Danube River and the cityscape.  There are probably only two places that will give you this beautiful view – on Castle Hill and Gellert Hill.  Buda Hill has a slightly easier access as you can take the bus or the funicular up the hill while Gellert Hill does not. Continue reading

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Dachau Concentration Camp @ Germany

Dachau Concentration Camp was the first camp that was set up by the Nazis, originally propagandized to keep the socially inappropriate and criminals when it was actually their very first step to eradicate the Jews.  The Dachau Camp served its importance as the rest of the camps that followed modeled after it.  60,0000 people resided here over a period of 12 years, locked by an eerie gate that says “ARBEIT MACHT FREI”, meaning “work makes you free” – which is really an illusion because there was never any freedom except hard labor, inhumane treatment and starvation.       Continue reading

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BMW Welt & Museum @ Munich, Germany

The BMW Welt, BMW Plant and BMW Museum are all located in the same vicinity in Munich.  I am not a car fan, but visiting the plant of one of the world’s top car manufacturers would have been totally fascinating – only if it ever came true.  The plant tour needs to be booked, way way way ahead.  I tried booking 3 months ahead, and for all the four days I was in Munich, there were no slots available.  The next best thing I could do was to visit the BMW Welt and the BMW Museum.      Continue reading

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