Capriccio Bar and Restaurant, Wanaka New Zealand.

Capriccio Bar and Restaurant is on the main street of Wanaka Town (Ardmore Street), but it is not as visible as it hides a little on the second floor of the Wanaka Shopping Center.  We were lured in by the “seafood” signboard, hoping that we can get some Bluff oysters that is unique to New Zealand.  We were in luck as the Bluff oysters were on the menu! The size of the oysters is bite-sized, and just the right size for slurping!  The texture is creamy with a sweet smell of the sea.  The texture is so soft and smooth everything just melts in your mouth.

For my main, I took catch of the day which was pan-fried till golden.  The fish was fresh, but somehow the texture was a little blend.  It was just alright for me.  I wished I had taken the tuna steak that Gary took!

The seared tuna steak was lovely.  Seared tuna can never go wrong if the fish is fresh.  I like to think of seared tuna as getting the best of both worlds – where you get the sweet caramelization taste from searing and the original freshness from raw tuna.

Although I didn’t like my catch of the day as much, but I loved the other two dishes.  The restaurant has a casual dining ambience which has a fusion of Italian and seafood-y decoration, I won’t mind going back there again.

More Info
Capriccio Bar and Restaurant
Address: 23 Ardmore Street, Wanaka, New Zealand
Phone: +64-3-443-8579    Fax: +64-4-443-8570


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