Hotel Review: Neijiang Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan.

We stayed in Neijiang Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan in April 2012 from 8th to 11th, and one more night on the 14th, for total of 5 nights .  The hotel is strategically located at the Ximending shopping district, just 3 minutes walk from the Ximen MRT station (exit 1), 3 minutes walk to 4 convenience stores near by.  (Yes, it is a phenomenon in Taiwan where convenience stores are everywhere !) The hotel is also surrounded with restaurants, coffee shops, so you don’t have to worry about breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper around the hotel!

We took the standard double room; free wifi was available.  Upon check in, everything was within my expectations. The hotel provided basic requirements for travellers that were out during the day and back during the night for sleep.

The lobby was small and it had a comfortable set of couch for the travellers to sit on.  There was no concierge area to keep luggage, so if you need to leave your luggage in the hotel for a day or two, you will be leaving them in the lobby area, covered by a piece of net.

The hotel lift.

The room was small, but clean. Bed was comfortable.

There was no mineral water provided, but there was an electric water heater where you can boil water and pour into the water flask provided.

The room had a small TV and a decent sized dressing table.

The bathroom was spacious and clean. The only thing I would pick on would be that there were some water stains on the curtain that was not cleaned up too well.  Other than that, the bathtub, the sink, the floor and the toilet were clean.

The toiletries that were provided.

Simple breakfast provided by the hotel.  You will need to tell the receptionist the night before what time to deliver the breakfast and they will hang it on the door knob the next morning.

As I stayed on for the next few days, this hotel exceeded my expectations in terms of service.  Whatever requests I had, the receptionist helped me solved them.   I mentioned to the receptionist that the internet was not working on my floor, and without any hesitation, he told me ” let me go check out the connection for you” and in no time the internet on my floor was good for use.  On the night before I left for Hualien on the 11th, I told the receptionist that I need his help to book a bus to go to the airport for the 15th and will get back to him about the time.   On the 12th when I checked out, he reminded me that I need to book the bus and let him know the time.  I was pleasantly surprised with his pro-activeness !

I had a pleasant stay at Neijiang Hotel.   It was, comfortable, very convenient for everything; for shopping, for food, for transportation.   The room was a bit noisy before 11.30pm because the hotel was by the street, but it was quiet after 11.30pm.  The price that I paid for this hotel (NTD 1480 on weekdays and NTD 1680 on weekends) was definitely value for money and would go back there again.

Website for Neijiang Hotel

You can book your room by calling them.  They’ve also mentioned to me that they are getting the online booking system soon, so hopefully the booking can be done online in the future.


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8 Responses to Hotel Review: Neijiang Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan.

  1. San says:

    Hi, chanced upon your blog, great information btw=)
    May i ask, for the pricing (NTD 1480 on weekdays and NTD 1680 on weekends), is it on a per room or per pax basis?

    • KJ says:

      Hey ! Thanks for popping by my blog =) yes, it’s 1480 on weekday and 1680 on weekends, rates are for per room. I took their standard room I think they have other ranges of rooms too. Enjoy your trip in Taiwan !

  2. ling says:


    Like to ask if you have taken the “free go bus” from the taoyuan airport to neijiang hotel?

  3. Cindy says:

    May I ask if this hotel looks old? If take the standard room, the room & bed size is ok for couple with 4 year old kid ?

    • KJ says:

      Hi Cindy, the hotel doesn’t look old. It is well maintained, but the rooms are basic if you take the standard room. I don’t know how your 4 year old sleep, but the bed size is decent for couple – you can call the hotel and check with them whether the bed size is queen or king – I forgot! Room is spacious. Enjoy your trip 🙂

  4. Alivia says:

    Hi, I am sorry but I know you have traveled to Taiwan quite a long time ago. But I just wanna ask, which website did u book the hotel at?

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